She’s an American living in London (would she rather be a Brit living in London?) and she wore the red, white, and blue today, Independence Day, while out with her husband.

Here are Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin shopping with a GPM bag. My G and I love the monogram. You think she monograms her pyjamas too? As I’ve said, many many times before, I take my pyjamas very seriously. Some of you have given me sh-t about monogramming my pyjamas but nothing could be more personal. Until wearing pyjamas in public is allowed, the monogram is just for me. Right now, my favourite pyjamas are the J.Crew short sleeve boy style set – I have two in white and navy, with orange initials on the left side. They do it for you when you check out online. Super comfortable waistband and holds up well in the wash. Also, for some reason, the short sleeves make it super elegant. I feel like Jackie O when I go to sleep.

G is wearing rag & bone jeans which, coincidentally, are the only jeans that are fitting me right these days. Not sure what her style is but my go-to is the Sheffield Skinny. Bought a pair last year, loved them, so I bought another 2 months ago, and last week I went to order another, but they were unavailable and now I’m worried they’re discontinuing, f-ck me. Gwyneth, can you do something about this?!

In other Gwyneth news…she updated GOOP with her Early Summer Scrapbook. There’s a photo of her garden, her new shoes, her new bag, her new sunglasses, a lot of food shots, and something about a stay-cation (away from the kids) at the Corinthia in London which I’ve heard is the sickest hotel there right now, obviously. A few of my colleagues were there for a junket recently. NOT cheap.

Click here for more from G’s Early Summer Scrapbook. She ate beans today.