I love it when I overhear this in a dressing room at some store – oh I can’t wear this, I have children, oh I can’t wear this, I’m a mother.

Gwyneth Paltrow was out in London last night at Stella McCartney’s, wearing Stella McCartney, and a pink bra on display for the paps. BUT SHE’s A MOTHER!

Is there a Mother Guidebook that condemns those who break the rules? Gwyneth loves rules. But maybe that’s not the specific Mother club that she belongs to. At her Mother club they cook fancy foods full of turkey and exchange zen green organic parenting books and are allowed to go camisole-free.

So I guess she’s back in England now, after spending much of the summer in the Hamptons, in time for the school year. And that means GOOP is back!

After a seemingly interminable break, GOOP’s first fall newsletter has, thank f-ck, nothing to do with recipes. Instead, Gwyneth goes shopping in Soho and tries to get her rich store owner friends to tell you what you should buy. On video. And she does give options for all ends of the budget.

Her Nine West lace-up boot option is actually pretty good. I bought a similar pair by Dune at Selfridges that came pre-scuffed and they’re amazing with, well, anything, including dresses. Of course G wears them on her “school run”. It’s hard to get through a conversation about her and keep your eyes from swirling. Wonder if it’s like that in real life. I have a problem keeping my expressions neutral. Don’t think we should meet.

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Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com