Gwyneth’s new single

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 27, 2010 08:32:07 July 27, 2010 08:32:07

It’s called Country Strong, also the name of her new movie due out in December, formerly titled Love Don’t Let Me Down which I like much better but whatever, these movie people they make decisions for mystery movie reasons.

Anyway, I think she sounds pretty good. Like she’s been working on strengthening her voice. Stronger now than Cruisin’, that karaoke favourite, actually my least favourite Gwyneth song from Duets. I preferred Just My Imagination. But the point is she’s now singing and acting and GOOPing and getting all up in your face with her multi-hyphenating while preparing turkey fajitas from scratch in her outside stone oven every night for her kids. Can’t you see the headlines now?

She can do it all!

It is. It really is nauseating. Reminds me of that video of the Iron Man cast in Italy when they were promoting the first film. It was a press conference and the dude was going off in Italian and Jon Favreau leans over to her with an eyeroll in his voice and he’s all like – ugh, don’t tell me you can speak Italian too (because she’s fluent in Spanish) and then of course she answers him in Italian that she does, a little, and then I like to believe that she starts f-cking translating for RDJ which he actually jokes about and then she spends the rest of the time sitting there all superior lording her blonde perfection over everyone in the room. My favourite.

I’m told Gwyneth has been in Nashville the last few days perhaps recording some more tracks. Before that however she spent time in the Hamptons last week, hosting Kabbalah parties for rich people, trying to convince them how much it helped her through her tough time. I’m convinced that famous people never actually hear themselves speak.

PS. Country Strong also stars Garrett Hedlund as Gwyneth’s young lover. My G is on it, see?



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