My Gwyneth is on the move again. Was photographed at London Heathrow catching a flight. Yeah. I want that coat too. Am still thinking about the Elizabeth & James jacket I walked away from the other day. Heading to Vegas next week. If it was meant to be, I will find it there. Or order it online.
As for G – yesterday she was surveying the construction around her home with a dude the photo agency incorrectly identified as Gary Lightbody. Now they’re saying it’s her brother in law Al Martin. Today our GOOPy treat is music. Videogum received an exclusive video of Gwyneth singing karaoke at the Love Don’t Let Me Down wrap party.

I have no doubt, since you hate her so much, you will rag on her abilities. I don’t think she sounds particularly good either. But they do. There are a lot of people who do. And, most importantly, SHE does. Of course she does. Gwyneth thinks she can sing. And if already can’t stand her, THAT will make you even crazier. Enjoy.


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