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Chris Martin is promoting Coldplay’s upcoming new album A Head Full Of Dreams. In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, Chris has revealed that he’s sharing songs with several other voices outside the band including his own children, Beyonce, the Blue Ivy Carter, his new girlfriend Annabelle Wallis, and…

Gwyneth Paltrow.

Before we get to G though, let’s back up to the part where Annabelle Wallis is involved. He’s been dating her for all of five minutes. And now she’s provided vocals for the album!?

An album is forever. Not to sound super cynical, but it lasts a lot longer than love. But, you know, since he’s already danced down the streets of Paris with her, and picked up her in his arms in Malibu and swirled her around, in the presence of the paps, yeah, why not, why not put her on the album. Especially since, ahem, she’s definitely not as well-known as he is.

But that brings us back to G. Apparently she sings on a song called Everglow, a “ballad about a relationship’s enduring spark”. Thanks, Gwyneth. I’ll happily leverage you for publicity now that I’m not your husband anymore. This f-cking guy.

And still…

Gwyneth is singing on the Coldplay album. She gets to tell us that she’ll be singing on the new Coldplay album. She gets to lord it in our faces. Oh look, I’m singing on the Coldplay album. Can you hear my voice? It’s because I can sing. I can sing with Jay Z, I can sing on Glee, and now I’m singing on my ex-husband’s upcoming, possibly last, record with his band. So…maybe…

Thanks Chris Martin?


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