Another Gwyneth article? Yes. What is the problem? There have already been 2 RDJ articles today. Tony and Pepper are equals!

Gwyneth Paltrow spent a summer in Spain. She is fluent in Spanish. During Iron Man 2 promotion in 2010, she also showed off some Italian. This time, in Paris, it’s French. My G speaks French? I didn’t know this! I feel like I should have known this. Have I let you down?

Here’s G in Paris in a black and white dress. The photo agency says she’s going for dinner with the Iron Man team but... that’s a pretty fancy outfit to wear to dinner without using it for promotion, non? Turns out, it was for French television -- a joint interview with RDJ during which he answers in English and she answers in French.

For those of us who speak French, hers is definitely not as fluent as, say, Bradley Cooper’s. Verb conjugation and gender differentiation need some work. It’s why she keeps her answers short. But the accent isn’t horrible, not at all. Do you hear a little Spanish in it? How much do you love that she chose to do her portion of the interview in French? Come on now. It’s not like they would have forced her. (Thanks Sarah F!)

Highlights below:
At around 4:20 RDJ starts teasing G about her empire. It’s cute. And of course this dress. Great use of sheer panelling.