Both U2 and Coldplay headlined at Glastonbury this weekend on Saturday. Then Beyonce closed the weekend. I hear she laid down a crazy performance.

Anyway, as you know, B and Jay-Z are super tight with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. So, naturally, they were together all weekend. B and Jay were with G in VIP during Coldplay’s performance. I have included a video below. You can see them at the 4:40 mark if you don’t want to sit through the entire clip. But be quick about it. The BBC has been pulling these down really fast.

Then at B’s show, G and Jay were together, not sure about Chris, and at one point Jay had his arm around G and they swayed to B’s At Last. I can’t find footage of that anymore. It’s all gone. But you see the point – while you are hating on Gwyneth, she’s spending time with music royalty all over the place. So there’s that. This is how I want her. Only. Friends with the famous and not pretending to want to be friends with YOU. Also I’m told she was on her cell phone singing along during one of Coldplay’s songs. Some people think it may have been how she was playing it for their kids. (Thanks Mel!)

Am attaching photos from both the Beyonce and Coldplay shows. Again, as I’ve said many times, if you have never seen Beyonce on stage, and you love pop culture, you need to make this happen. It’s ridiculous.

Also... Chris looks really, really hot right now. As always, Guy Berryman too.

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