Two days after looking like total sh-t in Switzerland, Gwyneth was photographed last night in London for Gary Barlow’s birthday celebration and performance in a tight grey dress with big heels and her hair slicked back, a slight improvement on how we last saw her.

Is it summertime in England?

Last I checked it’s been a snowy cold winter. And a quick google search reveals that it hasn’t exactly been balmy. Clearly G doesn’t need to bother with a coat, seeing as her car can pick her up right outside the exit. And still…

It’s also convenient when you want to show something off.

Ugh. When did you become so obvious?

Aside from aesthetics though, the other reason Gwyneth didn’t mind being seen is because Chris Martin took the stage with Barlow, so it’s like a subtle confirmation: I am here to support my husband, things are fine with my husband.

Look, I can appreciate the whole “we don’t want give our relationship away” approach, but at the same time, when you can never arrive together, anywhere, or leave together, any time, and on the rare occasion that you do, have to spend so much energy making sure you’re not caught out, I wonder if guarding privacy might be getting in the way of actually enjoying each other.

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