Coldplay performed at the War Child show last night in London so of course Gwyneth was there to support her husband wearing a killer jacket and of course a super mini to show off those Tracy Anderson legs.

As you can see, GOOP is glowing, happy to have hurdled their recent marital hump.

Per usual, the two were not photographed together. This is Chris at the after party. The band also performed at the Brits last night too. Am told his voice was still weak-ish but overall he sounded better than on Grammy night.

Am more concerned about his green hat. For those new to this site, a green hat for my Chinese is a sure sign of cuckold. This is why we don't wear green hats. And before you ask, they are not the subject of the last riddle.

But still...the hat, the rumours, that rich dude GOOPs was linked with a few weeks ago - I'd get rid of that hat.

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