My Gwyneth, followed by baby David Banda and his nanny, showed up yesterday at Madonna’s apartment for a visit and some girl support. Maybe even a tongue kiss. According to the tell-all being peddled by her brother, Madge and Gwyneth necked one night in front of a roomful of people at a party.

Big f&cking deal! Tell us whether or not Sean Penn really tied her to a chair for 12 hours!

Anyway, am told pap-shy G’s appearance yesterday at that time was deliberate, giving photographers the best light and maximising coverage of her arrival – friends don’t let friends get accused of homewreckery without standing in solidarity.

Speaking of the homewreckery…

Well now Cynthia Rodriguez’s attorney has admitted that Madonna’s relationship with A-Rod was NOT sexual but rather “an affair of the heart”. And this to me is the clincher – confirmation that Madge did not get down with Alex Rodriguez.

Cynthia is a woman wronged. She married an unfaithful f&ck up. She also signed a prenup. And turning the court of public opinion in your favour is never a bad move. In fact, Madonna would probably approve.

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