Gwyneth Paltrow took her kids to Watch The Throne in London the other night. She was joined by her children Apple and Moses. Because he’s their “Uncle Jay”. Which is what she posted on her WhoSay from the show:

Gwyneth Paltrow on WhoSay

“Yup. Uncle Jay at the O2.”

Yup, it’s the Martin kids throwin’ up the roc.

Which, to me at least, is SUPER cute.

Clearly they know. Clearly they love. What’s Jay-Z like around them? I am dying to know. Is he a joker? Is he fun to play with? Does he build awesome forts? Do they jump on him in the snow?

Gwyneth is a bad mother because she lets her kids listen to black people music with all the swears.

It doesn’t bother me as much as it might bother you. Video games bother me more. And colour restricting to gender like pink and blue. But I AM NOT A MOTHER. I am not allowed to say. What I find most interesting though if we’re to have this discussion is how she discusses it with them. What does that parent-child conversation sound like? How does she prepare them for the language? Does she suggest to them that it’s not appropriate for them to use it themselves? Or is dropping a “f-ck you” totally OK in the GOOP House? Because that would actually be awesomely hilarious too.