Gwyneth’s New York Birthday

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Hi Sasha, I am looking for some cute lace up ankle booties in brown. I want them to have a heel (a chunky heel) so I can be stylish but i can still walk around in them all over Boston. I saw Jennifer Aniston wearing a pair that looked comfy and stylish. Lastly, the reason why i need your expertise…they need to be around $100. I am a student and thus POOR! Thanks S

How the shiz are her nipples always perma-hard? I don’t get it, but I do have to say she has one of the most perfect racks I’ve ever seen.  So fine, S, let me peel my eyes away from her boobies to her booties.    

I wouldn’t be a good Canadian if I didn’t offer up Aldo as an option.  Their HAMS  style is a damn close match, and at 110 bones, these are your best bet.

Oh, but I did just stumble on these NYLA ones. They have a bit of a clog feel but they’re still a good knock off of Jen’s Pradas, and weeee! they are right under budget.  

For all ya’ll working with a bit more cash flow check out these Michael Kors booties.

Now that I’m on the topic of lace up booties, can we dream a little?  Get out that bag of hot dogs because it’s time to get off on some shoe porn.

I saved up last month and bought a pair of Rachel Comey boots and loved them until I saw these.  Ugh, I should have bought them instead.  I hate when that happens.  Love the exposed stitching and the slightly pointed toe.

I mean, come on, has Alexander Wang ever put out a bad pair of shoes?  Obviously not.  Click here.

Oh yes.  Oh yes.  Oh YES!

Feet totally ick me out, but I do like some foot cleavage and these Pradas are dang good.  

Finally, for some casual flat lace ups, these TODS are radical.  But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on kicks, then take a look at these.  T-shirt, cardigan, scarf and those green numbers – please, so cute!  And sh-t yo’, they’re super cheap too!

Happy shopping! xx


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