This interview is so f-cking good it requires two posts…

And there was a gap in them posting the second part. It’s Gwyneth on Howard Stern, of course. And it picks up right after she reveals that JayZ and Beyonce are her best famous friends. Howard then leads her from there to her childhood and her early days in Hollywood.

By the way, her reaction to him asking her about how hot she is classic.

And then we get to Brad Pitt. Howard brings up the fact that they were so goodlooking together. “Really?” she replies. As if she would comment on how beautiful he is now with his WIFE.

This section is delicious. She says nothing…but everything. “I definitely fell in love with him. He was so gorgeous and sweet.”

They’re friendly but they don’t hang out.

And Howard insists that she is the love of his life. INSISTS that she is the love of Brad’s life. She just laughs and laughs and doesn’t state the obvious – that he’s with the MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN and wouldn’t that be the love of his life? Not to mention his first wife? And then she offers a blithe, “He was too good for me”.

It’s amazing. It’s AMAZING.

We haven’t even gotten to Winona Ryder yet. Howard goes after the rumour: that G stole the script for Shakespeare In Love from Winona… and that’s why they’re not friends anymore. G denies it. She says she hasn’t seen Winona in years. She claims she’d been working with Miramax prior to Shakespeare and they wanted her to do the movie and she turned it down because she was sad over Brad Pitt. But …

Enter Ben Affleck.

And Howard loses his goddamn mind.

PS. Her parents did not endorse that relationship. HAHAHAHAHAAHAH.

PPS. She claims she and Ben are cool. And she compliments Jennifer Garner for cooking. Seriously. That’s how she praises Jennifer Garner. 

F-ck. I can’t spoil this for you. This is a Gossip Fundamental. It’s the kind of gossip that you MUST experience and feel for yourself. It’s Gossip Nostalgia. It’s Gossip Psychology. It’s Gossip History.


Please, over lunch, on your drive home, please enjoy. This just made a great week even better, so much better.

Start at the 20 minute mark.