Today’s GOOP newsletter is all about how you should art up your house the way she would want you to even though she’d never come over. Click here to read. She says that art isn’t intimidating but for a neophyte, reading through all this, especially the part about learning through “art fairs” and the best one is in Switzerland (!!!), the resulting effect is...a little confusing. And I don’t think it’s necessarily a conscious decision, or something you should yell at her for (but you probably will anyway), it’s just that this is yet another example of how I’m not sure that Gwyneth is sure about her editorial vision.

Those who already have an understanding of contemporary art don’t need GOOP to learn how to display it. Those who know nothing of contemporary art may find this a little too advanced. Will I remember to go back to this post next year once I’ve taken some lessons in contemporary art? Sure, I guess. But won’t I already know it because... I JUST TOOK THE LESSONS?

The point is, I don’t think Gwyneth puts that kind of thought into her pieces. I think she sits around eating macaroons with Valentino and observes between bites that “wouldn’t it be so great to do an article about this...?” and goes about posting the article without any actual strategy as to how best to present that idea to a certain audience. It’s the attitude of someone who’s never had to stress about the success of a project. Who doesn’t have to work hard to make something great because it’s not a problem if it’s not great; she’ll always be OK. She’ll always get to hang out with people like Ellsworth Kelly and interview him for Interview. Click here for the entire piece. G is a fangirl for sure. And then, because she’s Gwyneth, she also has to drop in there that she married a “British musician” and lives in London. It would have been too hard to simply say, “I live in London most of the year with my family”.

Here’s G yesterday in New York continuing to work on Thanks For Sharing. She looks great in coats, this one. She really does any coat well.