Gwyneth Paltrow is continuing to promote Country Strong in foreign markets. Currently she covers the new issue of Madison Magazine out of Australia. She tells the magazine that she doesn’t understand why everyone thought she gained 20 lbs for the movie. It was “only” 10.

“I have no idea where that came from, but I gained 10 pounds, not 20!”

Well then maybe you should talk to your trainer Tracy Anderson. It came from her. But 10 or 20, it’s not like it was noticeable, right? All of you who saw the movie made the same observation. WHERE? Liar?

Gwyneth is now clarifying that because the Tracy Anderson Method works so well, her weight gain, imaginary or otherwise, only revealed itself towards the end of the shoot, which is why you can’t tell. You would think, though, you know, for an actress of Gwyneth’s caliber, she would have started preparing earlier? No matter. The point is, by the end of production, she was so fat she was disgusted with herself:

“Well, fortunately, because of Tracy’s method, but unfortunately because it works so well, it basically took me until the end of the [film shoot] for everything to fall apart. I still looked like myself for most of the movie and then, at the end, when I was finished, I was like,” and here she looks down at her body, “‘What the f-ck?’”

Indeed. Imagine you’re Gwyneth and having so much to complain about.

As for those reports that she’s signed a country record deal – there were stories floating around last week that she was to be paid $900K. If you go through this article however, and the costs associated with even attempting to sell a Gwyneth Paltrow project like that, it seems like a really risky business proposition. Then again, these people piss money away on things that never make any sense. So…

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