Oh la, here we go.

Remember those many, many, many years ago, when my Gwyneth dismissed Jennifer Aniston as that “TV Girl” when Aniston started dating Brad Pitt? Now it’s Gwyneth’s turn to hustle on television to promote Country Strong.

What show?

What else?

Glee, of course.

According to E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, my G will join New Directions for a two episode guest appearance in November playing a substitute teacher when Mr Schue goes down. The kids love her, obviously, and Will will like her a lot, obviously, and Emma will get jealous, and Gwyneth, yes, she will sing.

As I’ve noted before, I think Gwyneth can sing. Rather well. But that’s not what’s wrong with Country Strong. What’s wrong with Country Strong, at least judging from the trailer, is that my girl can’t pull that sh-t off. And you know I love her. I love most of what she does. But I went to the movies this weekend, sitting between my gay husband Darren and another friend David, and when this clip started up, all three of us started hootin’ and hollerin’ at the same time. She’s just not that girl.

But is she a Glee girl?

Gwyneth Paltrow back in high school? Playing the most popular?


As much as she’d hate to admit it, because it’s on television see, she totally fits right in.

Attached – Gwyneth at Stand Up To Cancer last week.

Photos from Wenn.com