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To the lovers and the haters – mark it on your calendars, y’all. Gwyneth Paltrow just put a huge target on her back. My G will perform Country Strong live at the Country Music Awards on November 10th which will be televised nationally on ABC. She’ll have help though. Vince Gill will sing alongside her.

OMG. I really really want it to be November 10 right now.

Will I go there? Yeah, I’m going there and I’m saying I think she’ll be OK. At the very least, she’s definitely not going to suck. And hopefully she’ll do her hair up all Taylor Swifty curly styles like in the movie. Please, PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN.

It’s about to get very GOOPy in your face the next few weeks. Are you ready? After the CMAs, G will be on Glee for two straight episodes. And this on top of the promotional duties expected of her before the release of Country Strong, the movie, in December.

The Golden Globe nominations will be announced on December 14th. The HFPA loves Gwyneth. They nominated her for Two Lovers, what does that tell you? And the “Best Actress in Leading Role – Comedy/Musical” category always opens up 5 more spots anyway.

Oh chill your tits. Everyone knows the Globes don’t mean much. I’m just saying it could happen.

By the way, have you ever seen Gwyneth with Chris Martin singing at that wedding? It was before they were married. They’re very cute together. I like when he leans over and rubs her back. She’s so much more intense about it than he is though, obviously. For her it’s like major American Idol try and he’s totally in his basement not giving a sh-t. One minute that yields many minutes of analysis and discussion. And he looks hot too.

Oh and please. Cruisin’ is a karaoke staple. Especially among Asians. Gwyneth has probably made a lot of money off of us for that song.

Photos attached of my G out and about in Beverly Hills the other day. She’s been in LA working on her Glee scenes. Wonder how Madonna feels about all this...

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