But first...

Even though Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna won’t admit it openly, the two broke up a while ago. There were reports however that G was at MDNA in Hyde Park the other night. But no pictures. And she was confirmed to be at Pump in Chicago with Chris Martin just the day before. So... I’m not sure I buy that they’ve reconciled.

Anyway, Gwyneth made headlines yesterday when it was announced that she’s in negotiations to star in an independent film called Blood, Bones & Butter based on the Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir. It’s about a writer from an unconventional family who becomes a chef. They’re comparing it to Julie & Julia. I think it’s more like Eat, Pray, Love which... I hated that movie; I almost walked out during the scene when she’s struggling to fit into her jeans in the dressing room. Didn’t care for the book either.

But it’s like G, she willed herself into that role, non? Oh look at me. I cook in real life so it’s not a stretch for me to be one in film life either. Wouldn’t you know, the latest GOOP newsletter, released today, is, not surprisingly, food related. She’s been around this game a long time, Gwyneth Paltrow. She knows what she’s doing.

Look, I know I’m not the hostess and china and menu expert you all are but I really love the idea of drinking lemonade out of a mason jar, especially one with a lid like that. Now’s your chance to tell me you’ve been doing that since 1998 and it’s so unoriginal. Last year I bought a set of three gorgeous French mason jars with an orange rubber lining as a gift for a friend. At the time I decided against getting some for myself because we’re still renting and I wouldn’t use it in our little apartment. Stupid. I regret this all the time, and today too because of this picture of the lemonade. F-ck!

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