At this point it’s like Chinese water torture. Every Gwyneth Paltrow song is like one maddening drip on your forehead, death by annoyance and irritation.

To be fair, the cover of Over the Rainbow can’t be on her. As I noted yesterday, Matthew Morrison will have to own that one, especially after selling it as a new and fresh interpretation when, as I posited yesterday, what it really sounds like is just a retread – and an inferior one at that – of Israel "IZ" Ka?ano?i Kamakawiwo?ole’s iconic version of the song. Many of you have emailed in agreement. Maybe it wasn’t just me.

But while it’s Matthew who should be wearing the Over the Rainbow situation, who has to own the one that finds Gwyneth back on Glee singing Adele? is reporting that she’ll be singing Turning Tables.



Turning Tables.

To be performed by Gwyneth Paltrow.

And now I want to know if it was G who showed up in Ryan Murphy’s office that day, in her privileged drawl, and declared:

“Oh my God, I love Adele so much, I HAVE to sing Turning Tables. I have to.”

Ryan: “Oh honey, you can sing anything you want! And you’re going to be so amazing at it! What a great idea!”

Is that the story of how Gwyneth sang Adele?

The haters will say yes.

I am not a hater but I also know she wouldn’t sing something she’s not comfortable singing. At least in her mind.

You know, legend has it, Adele threw down this track in one take in the studio? Like most of the entire album, there wasn’t a lot of, if any, trickery needed to make that what it is. What you’re hearing is just pure, raw, gold, amazingness.

Good luck with that, Glee.

And finally, you know I have a lot of love for Entertainment Weekly, I really do. They need to pimp the popular sh-t. Twilight, Glee, I don’t begrudge them for that.

But I do hold this sentence against them. It is APPALLING:

“While we sadly don’t have Gwyneth’s Glee version yet, here’s the similarly fabulous Adele performing her track…”


First of all, the word Fabulous. That’s your first mistake. And then writing as though you’re doing Adele a FAVOUR by mentioning her alongside Gwyneth Paltrow…



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Attached – Adele performing in Amsterdam on Friday.

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