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But why can’t we get one about what it’s like behind the scenes at Glee and how much cut eye went back and forth between her and Lea Michele? Or whether or not she flirted with Matthew Morrison? After all, she is playing a potential love interest. And we also now know that one of her numbers will be Cee Lo’s F-ck You, repurposed of course for the primetime tv hour as Forget You. Will it sound ok? Totally will sound ok. They all sound ok. They record in studio and clean everything up, remember?

Having said that, I’ve said it a lot: I think my G can sing. And she’ll be singing live at the Country Music Awards next Wednesday. Trying to look for a site to stream it? I’ll be out of town, might have to watch it later on YouTube which totally isn’t the same sound quality as from my living room. Gwyneth is someone I have to judge for myself. When it comes to Gwyneth, I cannot rely on the judging of others.

By the way, have you seen this poster for Country Strong? There was a massive one hanging up in the theatre when I went to screen Love & Other Drugs and, um, she’s glowing!!! She’s playing a recovering addict, and she’s glowing!

Please. I can’t wait to see this movie.