As you can see, the video of Gwyneth Paltrow selling vegetables I posted in the open today isn’t working. It was working yesterday when I first put it up. And now... nothing. Removed by the user. You people took down Gwyneth Paltrow!

But ...why?

Most celebrities are comfortable pimping sh-t overseas. But the North American market is different. And also, there’s this brand, Spar. Many of you living in Europe have written to me about Spar. Here’s a recent description I received this morning from a reader called Rachel - thanks Rachel!

Spar is a convenience store chain. Not Safeway, think 7-11. We just moved to the UK and there are Spars everywhere that offer a terrible selection of groceries with the usual booze, candy and ciggies. Not Goop approved. Not at all.

I just...don’t understand. I know she doesn’t need the cash. And from a brand integrity perspective, how does this even work? If we were to analyse this at the Faculty of Celebrity Studies, we’d also have to bring in someone from the Business School to assess the decisions of GOOP Inc. Perhaps there’s something we haven’t considered. Perhaps this is actually a genius move. Perhaps she’s an investor in the company. Perhaps she’ll be laughing when it becomes the go-to salad option around the world.

Right now though, that’s really not so obvious. Right now it just looks like she’s the spokesperson for frozen food beans and greens.