Please don’t make me tell you who Natalie Green is.

Oh it’s like that, is it?

Fine. I’m old. I can take it. Click here. The payoff comes at the 1:00 mark. But don’t fall into a YouTube hole and not come back. We have so much more to talk about today!

Anyway, Mindy Cohn, aka Natalie Green, showed up at the opening of the Tracy Anderson Flagship Studio yesterday starring not Tracy Anderson but Gwyneth Paltrow, her most famous, most toned, most quinoa-ed client. That’s not only interesting for fans of 80s television but also because ...well... Mindy Cohn is supposedly the godmother of the Brange children. I know. There are few things more random in Hollywood -- and life -- than Natalie Green hanging out with the Jolie.

Who else was there? Other people’s girlfriends. George Clooney’s girlfriend. And Kanye West’s girlfriend. Because she works out with Tracy too. She was not, however, granted a photo opportunity with Beyonce’s BFF. Please. And neither was Stacy Keibler. Because then we would have all written stories about how they whispered in a corner about Angelina. 

As for my G, she wore a purple Posh dress to show off those legs and because she has such long lean legs, that neon orange shoe strap doesn’t give her cankles.

And to close, I’d like to share with you my favourite email from yesterday courtesy a longtime reader called Jonathan who shares my Gwyneth obsession:

To: Lainey
From: Jonathan N
Subject: this is an actual goop recipe

1. Arrange mint leaves in a teacup.

2. Pour hot water over leaves. Let steep for a few minutes until the water turns slightly green and flavors open up.

3. Enjoy.

Come on. How is this not pure joy?