When I wrote about Gwyneth’s Emmy nomination on Friday - click here if you missed - I wondered whether or not any of the old Academy members were friends of her father. You know from the St Elsewhere days.

Gwyneth won.

And, as noted last week, since she skipped the Creative Arts Emmys, now that she’s a winner, do you think she’ll skip the Primetime Emmys? And a chance to be presented to a live television audience as an Emmy winner? And the opportunity to present an Emmy herself?


I would be very surprised. Wouldn’t you be very surprised?

So we’re starting the week with JLo and Coop. And we get to end the week with the Emmy Awards. And my G may be there! And now she’s 2 for 4 for the EGOT!

She needs a Grammy Award - which she’s been trying for - and a Tony Award which she could very well accomplish considering she does have stage experience because, like, didn’t you know Blythe Danner has a Tony and Gwyneth practically grew up at the Williamstown Theatre Festival?

No no, don’t chew up the other side of your mouth now from the hate. You have to save some flesh in your mouth for Sunday and the Emmys.

Here’s what Gwyneth probably took the news that she won, now that she has to decide whether or not to go and leave her babies behind. Justin Timberlake won too. So... they will present together? No, for real. I can’t wait.

Photo from Wenn.com