Of ARod?

But he’s not British! WTF?

At the Fountainebleau Miami Beach grand opening on Friday night – the developers spent a billion dollars renovating the hotel and, judging from the guest list, spent part of that on celebrity attendees. Even my Gwyneth showed up, lowering herself to share a carpet with the likes of Ebola Hilton and the Kardashians and even Brody Jenner.

Obviously it’s not usually her scene but she was probably supporting Ingrid Casares, a major player on the Miami party circuit and, of course, one of Madonna’s closest friends…which is why she was seen with Alex Rodriguez last week.

So while Madge remained in LA, her circle congregated across the country and from the looks of these photos, Gwyneth has welcomed ARod into the fold. Knowing the GOOP, she’s probably getting off on the new “diversity” of her social circle.

Here she is on the carpet, great skin, sleek and fresh and wearing a too big white dress that her little boobs can’t hold up. Oh to have that problem…

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Bauergriffinonline.com