My Gwyneth has been spotted on several occasions at the Kabbalah Centre in NYC and for the first time yesterday, she was photographed leaving there with her children Apple and Moses. Moses is BIG!

As you know, Gwynnie is Madonna’s BFF. And Madge Esther is Kabs’s most vociferous supporter. Needless to say, it looks like Madge has successfully recruited the Paltrow-Martins... curious on many fronts.

Gwyneth is a Daddy’s girl, misses her Daddy dearly. Bruce Paltrow was Jewish and Gwyneth has been very open in the past about her Jewish roots:

"I come from a real rabbinical dynasty (of course she does) and it couldn"t help but have fashioned my life. It"s given me so much inner peace and inner strength."

F*ck I love her! Even when she’s discussing religion she has to throw it in your face that she’s better than you!

"Judaism is something you can"t brush off with a quick answer. It"s part of who I am and what I"ve become. It"s something you need to sit down and talk about for a long time to really let you understand how much it meant to me in shaping my life."

Please note, I understand Kabbalah is only an aspect of Jewish mysticism and this is not a column about religion, but given Gwyneth’s existing familial attachment, she was probably positively predisposed to Madge’s preachings to begin with.

And then when you consider the rumblings that have surrounded her marriage for months, and the recent health scare, word is Gwyneth was hungry for spiritual grounding. Who better to turn to than her Madgesty?