Today is Gwyneth Paltrow’s 40th birthday. GOOP is marking the occasion appropriately -- with a newsletter dedicated to shopping! Specifically, though, shopping at Hirshleifers in New York which has now launched online. Obviously not Forever 21 prices. Click here to buy or just to envy.

But first...

There’s another GOOP collaboration. This time with House of Harlow: GOOP + Nicole Richie. Is it as curious to you as it is to me that Nicole is not named? Blah blah blah, she wants her label to stand on its own. But her label is only her label because SHE is Nicole Richie, non? Whatever. It’s no surprise that G and Nicole Richie are tight. G once named Nicole in an interview as someone whose style she admires. And Nicole trains with Tracy Anderson. Gwyneth is up in everyone’s business, see? The clutch is a GOOP special for $225.

But let’s not sh-t on her now. Not only because it’s her big 40 but also because, well, if dads are the theme of today’s column, right now, this time of year, I would imagine is very hard for G because of her dad, remembering that he passed away 10 years ago, while they were celebrating her 30th birthday in Europe, just dad and daughter. She mentioned him the other day in London at the press conference for Stand Up To Cancer UK. I’ve attached the video below. There’s a lot of emotion in her voice and here I’ll repeat one of my favourite Gwyneth stories -- about the time he took her to Paris:

"He said, 'Because I wanted your first trip to Paris to be with the one man who is going to love you for the rest of your life.'"

Attached - Gwyneth arriving at the event on Monday