Hack the GOOP Trip

Dean Posted by Dean at May 15, 2013 16:40:03 May 15, 2013 16:40:03

It’s expensive. It’s awkward. It’s web-based. We must be talking GOOP here, right? Right. Over on Groupon this week, for the low low LOW (ie. high high HIGH) price of $2000 you can join the official “all-inclusive” GOOP NY Getaway. This includes airfare for two people, a two night stay at a Hilton, a spa day, one dinner out and an evening with GOOPie herself, where she’ll meet you at the Canal St. station to reenact the subway scene from Sliding Doors. (Just kidding, you meet above ground for a cooking demo.)

What’s really freaking me out about this trip is that it’s simultaneously WAY too expensive…but also kind of a good deal? I don’t know too many people who are looking to fork over $2000 for less than 48 hours of vacation. If you want a mini-break in most cities, a tank of gas and a couple hundred dollars spent on a B&B will get you a relaxing weekend away.

That said, the price tag on this trip is SO much less than you would pay if you organized it yourself. That airfare covers you if you’re from anywhere in the US or Canada! Sure, if you’re in Boston or Toronto a flight to NY can be cheap but what if you’re in L.A. or Vancouver (or Iqaluit)? Then you’re actually saving money here. Also, while meeting celebrities is a guaranteed hella awkward experience, I think the meet and greet/cooking class sounds amazing. You’d get to see what GOOP’s skin looks like IRL, you’d get a bomb new Facebook profile picture out of it (“on the count of three, everyone say….Winona!”), and where else are you going to get an OSCAR WINNER to teach you to make fat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free cupcakes?

I think the key to making this worth the price tag is that you’ve got to hack this sh*t! Spend the 2 grand, do all the GOOP related activities and then play hookie for your flight home. Tell GOOP her cooking demo gave you food poisoning and, while you’ve decided not to sue her, you can’t fly for another three days. THEN spend the next 72 hours doing all the amazing stuff in NY that costs practically nothing – get day drunk in Central Park, “second act” The Book of Mormon for free, I’ll even let you crash on my couch in Brooklyn if you’ll give me your signed copy of her cookbook (not ashamed that I want this).

There are still two things I wonder about this trip: 1) why the f*ck Gwyneth has agreed to take part. How many times have we heard about how she’ll only do one movie a year because she can’t bear to be away from her children? Yet she’s giving up a Friday night to hang with Groupon shoppers? 2) Will this Groupon, like so many before it, get purchased and then expire in the desk drawers across North America?

Aaaaaaand…it’s SOLD OUT. Already!

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