Have you seen this yet?

You have to see it.

When you see it you'll understand why I'm obsessed with it.

You remember the GOOP garden party Gwyneth Paltrow hosted in the Hamptons a few weeks ago?

Um. There's video. Here.

See? Now you don't give a sh-t about the scooter. Because why would you care about a f-cking scooter when you could creep on this over and over and over again?

This sh-t is like Airplane. You know how there's something new that's funny in Airplane every time you watch it even though you've watched it 25 times already?

That's what happens when you're creeping the GOOP garden party.

Gwyneth dancing. That's worth several repeats.

Gwyneth cheering on her kid dancing like she's just discovered the cure to cancer. Amazing.

All the famous faces, all of them ebullient, all of them beyond happy to have been included.

The inclusion of Chris Martin?!?

Random really thin people floating across the grass...?


My favourite game of all: spot the non-white person -- can you find one?