Today’s GOOP features a gift guide for men separated by decade. Heads up Canada - GOOP recommends The Bay blanket! For men who are 50 and older. This, for some reason, made me laugh.

A few notes:

Chinese feng shui says you never buy your lover shoes. I’d stay away from the runners. Besides, shoe fitting is such a particular thing, don’t you think?

I live in printed socks. Socks are my thing. I don’t own a pair of plain socks. All my socks have pictures and sh-t on them. Like stripes, pineapples, horses, dots, birds, etc. So yeah, totally, on the Happy Socks. But my favourite socks come from Topshop. I have so many print socks from Topshop sometimes I actually make myself late because I can’t decide which pair to wear I love them so much. If that’s your jam too, you need to hit them up and stock up.

Malin + Goetz shave cream is amazing. Jacek, who is a cheap f-ck, will spend the extra, that’s how good it is.

Never give someone knives. They will cut your friendship.

Errrrm, I don’t know about that Yankee cap.

Click here to see the GOOP Gift Guide For Men.

And here’s my G, after a visit to the Be Hive Healing Medical Centre in Santa Monica yesterday (your eye roll just knocked me over), in yet another great shirt and a pair of moccasins.