Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney hosted an English garden party for GOOP in the Hamptons on Friday. How do you make it on the guest list for this event? If I walked in would they automatically direct my Chinese ass into the kitchen? The dress with the two hearts is Stella, obviously. I love it a LOT. As much as I love Kerry Washington’s from Teen Choice a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday G was photographed in a great grey maxi heading to a book signing. Last week several of you wrote to me about a story in US Weekly about how G was at a family dinner and everyone ate carbs but she only ate steamed vegetables. OK. I don’t know what you want me to say about this. That she’s a liar? They’re all liars! Blake Lively eats cupcakes and sweets and looks like she does?

I’m telling you, you eat BABY FOOD and kale at those Tracy Anderson retreats while working out twice a day – THAT is how a body like Gwyneth’s happens. You remember what Julianne Moore, one of the only honest ones, said about what it’s like being famous?

“I’m hungry all the time.”