Gwyneth Paltrow gave us a #FlashbackFriday the other day on Instagram. One photo, so much 90s nostalgia. Before we break that down though, here’s the image:



They invented #fbf for moments like this. Jeez. 1992, @donovan33?

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It was 1992. She would have been 19. With Donovan Leitch. Do you remember those ribbed sweaters? Did you wear them, like she’s wearing hers here, without a bra? I wouldn’t have gone bra-less. But I totally would have had a cigarette dangling from my mouth. I’m exactly a year younger than G. And at that time in our lives, there was always a cigarette dangling from our mouths. It’s just…

Not everyone looked as beautiful as she does doing it. Even with sh-tty lighting and no makeup. This is the girl who always had everything. This is the shot that confirms that she’s always had everything. That she’s always been the coolest girl in the room. The girl who was the true intended of this photograph. She’s not looking at the camera, but she’s the only focus of the camera, and she KNOWS she’s the only focus of the camera. That’s been her entire life.

I miss that G. I wish we could see more of that G, the G who’s insolently riding on the high of her youth, instead of the G who insolently keeps telling me not to eat so much dairy. For some reason, this picture she posted reminds me of this video. Have you seen it?

And that video reminded me of this one:

She’s with Brad Pitt. No one knows her. And still her “I don’t give a f-ck, this is so beneath me” face is the one of the best of all time.