Gwyneth Paltrow posted this photo on Instagram to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Shouldn't everyday be all of us equally day? I guess we're #notthere #internationalwomensday @iwd2015 @clintonfoundation

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Oh come on. Don’t front like you don’t have questions. Whose staircase is that? When does Tracy Anderson get to be part of the bigger group? WHERE’s BEYONCE???

I see Jennifer Aniston. I see Maya Rudolph? I see Stella McCartney…

There’s no Beyonce, and WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

In other G news, people are tutting about the comments she made on Bloomberg the other day about how GOOP has been misunderstood:

“I think there is sometimes a miscommunication. We aren’t a super-luxury site but we’re aspirational. We have things on there that cost $4. We have things on there that cost $500. Sometimes I think that some of the criticism Goop gets is because people haven’t actually gone to the site and looked around and seen what we actually are.”

I just…

I don’t understand the people who bitch about how expensive her sh-t is. Because when was it ever promised that anything by Gwyneth Paltrow would be NOT expensive? And why would you ever WANT anything by Gwyneth Paltrow to be NOT expensive???

If you want to complain about her recipes and her vaginal steaming, great. That I can get behind. But whingeing about Gwyneth Paltrow not recommending affordable clothes and household items is not only tired and unoriginal, it’s also totally delusional. In what world are you living where you’d actually believe Gwyneth would be able to tell you what you can get at Walmart?