Gwyneth Paltrow just relaunched her app, now called G. Spotting. It’s all her recommendations – beauty, food, shopping, etc. Also her goop Gift pop-up just opened at the Brentwood Country Mart.



Some of her famous and influential friends showed up to support her.

Another one of her friends, Derek Blasberg, is also supporting her in Vanity Fair. Maria’s mentioned Derek a few times, the current “celebrity BFF”, writer, and… current wannabe Truman Capote. Derek does this video feature for Vanity Fair called Derek Does Stuff With A Friend and GP is his latest subject. She goes undercover to give unsuspecting millennials facials, spray tans, and brunch. I’m not sure if you’ve allowed yourself to hear/know about this but G’s reputation is that she’s pretty fun, super playful. Someone you want at a dinner party. She shows you this side of her here, and I’m into it…but I don’t know about that accent. She says it’s a Romanian accent. I’m saying yeah, but why…?

PS. Brad Falchuk hides in the corners.