Drop-ins at GOOP’s house

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 1, 2012 18:23:23 March 1, 2012 18:23:23

This week’s GOOP is all about how one time Gwyneth’s friend, the famous chef Jose Andres, just decided to drop in at her place on a Sunday and create a feast for her. He did all the grocery shopping too. Groceries included dragon fruit. I don’t even know where to find dragon fruit. I do however spot a run-on sentence.

So that’s what the fly-by at Gwyneth’s looks like. When my friends fly by my house, dragon fruit is never involved. Dogs, yes. But no exotic menu items. And sometimes trailing dirt. Often I have nothing to offer them. When I fly by my friends’, I often pillage their cupboards. Fiona, my best friend, can confirm this. Her husband often complains that I just come over to eat all his food.

Anyway, click here to compare how an ordinary Sunday at your home holds up against an ordinary Sunday at G’s.

As for this whole Steve Martin Twitter story, in case you haven’t heard:

Gwyneth tweeted a photo of herself with Steve and Martin Short from the Vanity Fair Oscar party with the caption “Dude. Seriously. I love my life”.

In response, Steve Martin then tweeted the same photo with the caption “I hate my life”.

Everyone assumed it was because she’s insufferable and he can’t stand her which... I mean ... I know that’s the smuttier interpretation of what he intended but I don’t actually think that’s what he intended. And he clarified as much on Twitter yesterday:

Any website who thinks my tweet about Gwyneth was a dig at her is officially humorless.

I guess it was a joke then. For you comedy nerds out there, was it a joke that just didn’t work? Or was it a joke that only too few understood?