You were dying to know how Gwyneth Paltrow spent Thanksgiving, weren’t you? She was at home in LA. Cooking. Because Gwyneth has taken over everything, including food. Looks like there were two turkeys. And so two different kinds of stuffing. It was a stuffing-off between G and one of her friends:


Battle of the stuffing begins... @sheryllowejewelry

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If you’re asking me, good stuffing requires innards. Turkey is not my favourite. The best part about turkey is the stuffing. And the best thing about stuffing is that the innards are more flavourful than the other parts. So if you’re not putting innards in your stuffing, I don’t want your stuffing! And YES, we are fighting!

Do you think G leaves the innards in her stuffing? I’m going to say no. Based on that assumption, her stuffing is not getting my vote.

Other observations:

I can never cook with my hair in my face. I don’t understand how she’s doing it here, with her hair actually falling into her face.

Of course she’s cooking in a white crop tank. And she probably didn’t get it dirty at all and no oil splatted on her skin. Because that only happens to losers. And G is not a loser.

I need mixing bowls.

In other non-cooking related Gwyneth news, she also posted a Thanksgiving collage of all the people she’s grateful for, including her BFF and ex-husband, Chris Martin, her children, her ma, her girls, and her boyfriend Brad Falchuk.


You think she’ll go with him to the Golden Globes?

Oh and one more thing about Gwyneth – today’s open was about Kate Bush and This Woman’s Work. Have you ever heard Gwyneth’s version of it?