I thought about saving these pictures for tomorrow when there’s a new GOOP but she took the entire summer off posting so you never know when it’ll be an off week with her site and then I’ll have wasted a photo opportunity.

So here’s Gwyneth Paltrow in London last night leaving via back door from The Arts Club in Mayfair. Private, members only, didn’t you know? G was there with Stella McCartney, among others. You know, just her regular girlfriends. And I wonder whether or not she mixes her regular girlfriends, like the famous daughters of Beatles and such, with her “gorgeous school mum friends from (her) son Mosey's class”.

(PS. Do we need to call Mosey Mosey in front of an audience of millions???)

Anyway, last week’s GOOP: it was about makeup and about how to apply it yourself. And she enlisted the help of her “school mum friend Kate” for the demonstration.

You will note - Kate and Gwyneth have the same colouring. Thanks G for helping only the people who look like you. And live in your neighbourhood. That’s so diverse of you. Appreciate it.

PS. You know Gwyneth’s middle name is Kate, right? Not that that means anything, but I’m just saying anyone with some f-cking editorial imagination would have at least provided some other options, non? Then again, does anyone who doesn’t look like this hang out in her part of London and/or the Hamptons? That’s just a really angry way of begging her to hire me. By the way, if you’re in London, she’s looking for a Buying Director.

Click here for the posting and the makeup lesson.