Gwyneth Paltrow was out in London today with friends and or business associates. Looks like she’s heading to a meeting or something GOOP-related. G is usually in casuals and jeans when she’s not working. Should I have put the word “working” in quotations?

I like those camouflage heels on her. I would hate them on anyone else. Anyone else would wear them with some clingy black dress. Or leather pants. G’s all Hamptons on top and fly girl on the bottom. This is how. She has a pair of jeans with that print too. She was wearing them when I interviewed her for Iron Man 3. Of course she didn’t put the heels and the pants together. Who do you think this is?

Over the weekend, G had a celebrity guest over -- Taylor Swift. Taylor was in town for a few performances but she found time to drop in at G’s for a visit. Supposedly that’s where she met Jakey Gyllenhaal a few years ago. G introduced them at her place. Well, Taylor was smiling on her way out. Perhaps G set her up with someone else. If so, we’ll find out in 2 weeks on schedule.