crashed just minutes after the announcement yesterday that Gwyneth Paltrow was putting items from her closet up for sale. I tried for a couple of hours and gave up. Then when I checked back this morning, almost everything was gone. Including Beyonce’s booties.

For $2500.

All of the proceeds are going to charity. But that’s a little confidence booster for G too, especially as there have been so many negative stories about her personal life AND the fate of GOOP. Is it losing money, is she in debt, is she going to be forced to shut it down? Well, if yesterday is any indication, there’s certainly interest. And the interest she’s attracting is the kind who can afford expensive items. Investors love that sh-t.

That’s not all. G’s spring cleaning also gave her the opportunity to let us know that she and Beyonce are still friends. B’s donation was from her tour. She even provided a photo of herself wearing them.

The message: the conscious uncoupling did not destroy everything. Her life continues to be better than yours. G remains in exclusive company. And that company includes her estranged husband Chris Martin. They were out for dinner last night in LA. Click here to see the photos. An amicable uncoupling indeed.

But for how long?

Martin heads to New York for Saturday Night Live this weekend. More on this in the next post.