Gwyneth Paltrow stepped out in New York last night at the Michael Kors Golden Heart Gala. I LOVE the white pumps but I can’t decide about the cut-out dress. Is it flattering? From some angles, yes. From some angles it seems weird around the chest. Also attaching fresh shots of G heading to the gym today all coordinated in pink.

Anyway, have you checked out GOOP’s latest collaboration? It’s with Carolina Bucci for hoop earrings. Of course Carolina Bucci. People are always screaming about how Gwyneth is too expensive and who can afford it and how come a blanket is almost $500 but at the same time, what, really, did you expect? I like my G best when she’s up her ass elite and exclusive. I enjoy my G best when she’s showing me how to live HER life. I don’t need my G to tell me how to live MY life. Do you need G to tell you what to buy at Costco? The people who really might need G the most though are the people who can actually afford her recommendations -- a lot of rich people really don’t know how to properly spend their money. See all the Housewives of Any City. This should be the GOOP mission statement: Helping The Wealthy Not Suck At Being Wealthy. 

Only the wealthy could afford Carolina Bucci. A few months ago, I fell in love with a Carolina Bucci woven cuff. It’s $10,000. That is not a typo. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Click here to see. Which is why the Carolina Bucci GOOP collaboration hoops are $175 for silver and, Jesus Christ, $795 for gold. HOOPS!

I bought a pair of hoops recently in Portland at Nordstrom. They cost me $8.

Click here for GOOP + Carolina Bucci.