Yesterday during the liveblog, a commenter noted that Gwyneth Paltrow’s f-cked up face in Geneva now resembles her trainer’s Tracy Anderson. You know how that lady always looked like she was just skinned? Gwyneth totally looked like she was just skinned. I’m posting pictures of both. The blotchy fried resemblance is undeniable.

You know who’s laughing about this?


Oh, there is some Girl Sh-t going down.

So G and Tracy opened up some gyms. Then Tracy stopped training M and they all pretended it was fine, fine, great. Then M announced that she was opening her own gyms. And Anderson recently told an English website that:

“I knew she was going to be doing it. I could put my name on a gym and put them all over the world if I wanted to, but that would be irresponsible to what I do. I think we all know when a celebrity is going to attach their name to something that is in an industry that they’re not in, they’re just doing an endorsement and that’s fine. But I think that you wouldn’t want to go to a man who plays a doctor on TV to get prescribed something, would you?”


I think Tracy just said that Madonna’s gyms suck. And since Gwyneth is her business partner, can we infer that she thinks her own gyms are superior? That’s like a declaration of all-out war, non?

So far, on the celebrity side at least, G is winning. Have you noticed how many new star and half clients Anderson has suddenly been collecting? Star clients include Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie, and Ellen Pompeo. Half clients include those Kardashians and Ashley Greene.

Whose side are you on?

(Thanks Caroline!)

Photos from Astrid Stawiarz/The Image Gate/