It’s gorgeous.

She was carrying it around LA for a few days and was seen with it again at LAX, and this time she also had a larger tote with her from the same collection. It’s another thing that G loves to lord over... everyone. Gwyneth Paltrow has long been a Bag First Girl. Balenciaga used to send her their bags a year before market. Obviously Stella McCartney too. And Tom Ford. Hedi SIimane sent his Saint Laurent to her before anyone else. Click here for a refresher.

As for that tattoo -- they’re saying it’s temporary so I wonder if she wasn’t doing a photo shoot or similar. Iron Man 3 is due for release May 3. It’s not that far off for her to start the inevitable editorials that will accompany promotion. Which is happening around the same time that new cookbook comes out. GOOP Convergence!

Not fair how great she looks in those jeans, is it?