Gwyneth Paltrow went out for dinner the other night. Nicole Richie was there. Gwen Stefani was there. That’s all the paps managed to get.

Later on though, G, Nicole, and Gwen posted a group photo to their social media accounts. Naomi Watts was also there. And Stella McCartney. And half of My Obsession, Sam Taylor-Johnson. Also…Chelsea Handler. Which takes the elite level way down.

Still, the message is clear. She’s still Hollywood G. She still has her famous friends. She is not an outcast. She may be a 41 year old divorcee but she will not be alone. “People still like me, goddammit! They still do!”

What people?

Well, what she considers the “right” people.

It’s the post-breakup girl rally. No, wait, I’m sorry. It’s the post conscious-uncoupling girl rally. And they did it at a vegan restaurant called Crossroads, of course. And while I’m all for plant-based foods, if that’s your preference, from a PR perspective, if you’re trying to rebrand, and at least be more “relatable”, this would be the one time you go to a f-cking burger joint.