I blinked and it’s gone

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 1, 2016 21:15:22 November 1, 2016 21:15:22

I keep missing out on sh-t today. It’s a first world problem, I KNOW. But I thought maybe you’d want to hear me bitch about it?

Gwyneth Paltrow, as you know, has launched a clothing line, goop Label. Edition 03 just launched. And the first item? Maybe the MOST PERFECT PYJAMAS.

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you know pyjamas are my world. I own close to 50 pairs of pyjamas. Sasha and I designed our own line of pyjamas a couple of years ago. I never stop buying pyjamas because I wear my pyjamas on a four day rotation. Which means I have a high pyjama turnover. My point is, I know a good pyjama. And these are GREAT pyjamas. The colour, the piping, the short sleeves, the culottes pants, the pockets, and look at the detail in the back:

OMG that split! It’s gorgeous!

But as G said…

And they’re gone. Sold out in less than 3 hours. Are you mad that they’re sold out or are you more mad that people are buying her clothes? I’m just mad, period. I’m mad that I blinked. And I’m mad about…Mimi.

Mimi is coming to Toronto on Thursday for the Saks/Hudson’s Bay holiday window unveiling. Sasha and I were just assigned to interview Mimi on Thursday after her performance. We were told it would be around 730pm. But… um… with Mimi, time isn’t a real thing, you know? She’s coming off stage. She’ll at least need a touch-up. Maybe a couple of baths? And a Mimi interview requires approved lighting. Meaning, she approves her own lighting. So if she walks in and the lighting isn’t up to her standards, there could be even more of a delay.

But that’s not even my point. My point is that any Mimi interview is a win-win situation. If she’s on time, you’re still interviewing Mimi. If she’s late – and I would have been fully prepared, with a library of books and a sleeping bag – it doesn’t matter. In fact, I think I would want her to be late! To get the full Mimi experience, minimum 3 hours, whatever it takes, there’s a story. There is no universe in which you interview Mimi and you don’t get a story…except in the universe where one of your best friends is fighting that night, at the exact same time, and you have to be there.

Our friend Dylan, who appears regularly on this blog, one of our dearest, dearest friends, has been training for months to box in a charity gala on Thursday. It’s one of those ballroom situations where you eat dinner first at tables surrounding a ring in the middle of the room and after dessert, the fights begin. At 8pm. Half an hour after Mimi is supposed to talk to us. Except, you know, with Mimi you always have to build in a multi-hour buffer. Mimi and Dylan couldn’t exist in the same space. Mimi, in this case, for us, really is elusive.

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