It’s All Good. It’s All Leg.

Gwyneth Paltrow is in New York to promote her cookbook. Last night she was at Williams-Sonoma in a really great shirt and skirt, and even though I hate red heels, I don’t even mind her red heels. Today my G hit up Good Morning America for what looks like a cooking demonstration. Her legs arrived in a pale blue shorts suit and they left in a black dress with white panels. That is the point, after all. She’s not just selling recipes. She’s selling the promise of her body as a result of those bodies. With the help, of course, of the Tracy Anderson Method. I know someone who recently came back from a Tracy Anderson detox week in Hawaii. Anderson apparently is running a spa tour; 50 or so participants stay for a week, work out at least 2 to 3 hours a day and their meals are monitored. The person I spoke with said it was a shake in the morning, a light salad at lunch, and baby food for dinner. And when you go home you can relax on the extreme but you’re still supposed to keep it clean. She made it through the entire course. I think I would last about 6 hours. It’s amazing how differently discipline works in some parts of your life and not others. I am disciplined about work, even if it means not sleeping. I am disciplined about reading. I am disciplined about my teeth. But there is no discipline when it comes to food. I will always go fries before salad. And, too often, a nap before the gym. Until Hayley starts screaming on my over blackberry.

As for Gwyneth’s current press tour -- is this how they’re coordinating with Iron Man 3? She’s doing the book stores and the morning shows now, to target that specific demo, and then will it be the late night circuit along with the entertainment programmes next week as we approach the movie release? Chelsea Lately for sure, I would imagine. Hopefully... Jon Stewart? Have you ever seen Jon Stewart fangirl Gwyneth Paltrow? Her hair was still long then, the way I like it. And he was, like, I love you. And she was, like, of course you do. You can find those videos on The Daily Show archive but only in America. F-cking geo-blocking!

PS. New Iron Man 3 clip -- and PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER! My PEPPER! As you know, PEPPER is my jam. I’ll be devoting a lot of words to Pepper as we get closer to the premiere. But, as you’ll hear from G herself, RDJ was the one who wanted more Pepper. Which, bless her, is classic Gwyneth Paltrow. Who’s gonna argue with Robert Downey Jr?