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Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 4, 2013 17:25:13 April 4, 2013 17:25:13

Exactly four weeks to go. In four weeks, Pepper Potts will be in theatres. Oh, of course, and Iron Man too. Iron Man 3 comes out on May 3. Sarah from Cinesnark  has been calling it her favourite movie of the year. And most movie fans share her enthusiasm. Iron Man is a big deal. For me too. But I’m all about Pepper. God I love Pepper. Sarah says that Pepper might get to be a super hero this time. Right now though, Pepper is selling recipes.

Here’s Gwyneth in two photo sets from yesterday -- arriving in white at the Chateau Marmont and later at the Grove promoting It’s All Good. Why doesn’t she leave her hair all naturally kinky and wavy like that? It looks so much better. It looked good enough to cover It’s All Good. What’s the problem? G wore Isabel Marant at Barnes & Noble. Love this dress. HATE the shoes. Especially the heel.

The release of It’s All Good is timed with both the upcoming Iron Man 3 and Mother’s Day. G gets to promote both at the same time. If I’m her publisher, I’m delighted about how this has worked out. As for It’s All Good -- are you picking up a copy this weekend? Aren’t you at least going to flip through it at the bookstore (when you’re buying your copy of Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life)?

I will totally be flipping through it at the bookstore. Not for the recipes but...for the pictures! And not pictures of the food but of HER! There are something like 40 pictures of her -- on a scooter, in her kitchen, outside with the wind in her hair...

Eat like me, look like me?

Wenn, FameFlynet

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