The last time Gwyneth Paltrow was promoting Hugo Boss it was for the Boss Nuit fragrance. Click here for a refresher. It was high class sex by night, only not the Heidi Fleiss variety, despite the fact that’s she claims to have a 22 year old stripper’s ass.

The Nuit ads featured G in a series of little black dresses, like the one attached below. At night you wear the colour of night, get it? It’s so imaginative, I know.

And by day? For Boss Jour, G is obviously all white, all crisp and clean, perfect, pristine… RICH. You can smell the money and the privilege coming off these videos, this photo. It may as well be the poster for supporters of the voting restrictions just passed in North Carolina.

She, as she does, is speaking through her nose. About the importance of yoga or something, and how she gets tired in the afternoons. But of course. Working out for two hours in a private studio IS exhausting. Not having to worry about anything but where to find the most exclusive sea salt can also really tire a woman out.

Here’s where G tells us that her fragrance opens the door to possibility. You know what else opens the door to possibility? Birthright.

After that, you can pretty much wake up whenever you want, run a finger along your wardrobe in a silk nightshirt, and look in the mirror with the confidence that no doors will ever be closed to you.