I only looked at last week’s GOOP this morning. Because even Gwyneth comes in second to the Olympics. It’s about how she packs for travel. My favourite part is that she actually uses a Lanvin suitcase which, if you’ve ever looked at the price tag for a pair of Lanvin ballet flats, should give you an idea of how much a proper leather travel bag might be. And would Giuliana Rancic PLEASE stop calling it LON-VONN?

Click here for the GOOP packing guide.

And here's Gwyneth arriving at LAX the other day setting the example. She's been working on and off this summer on Iron Man 3 and posted this lovely photo that I totally missed on her WhoSay a few weeks ago of her on set with Apple and Moses.

Gwyneth Paltrow on WhoSay

When not shooting, G's been in the Hamptons, obviously, and attending the occasional Coldplay show to support Chris Martin. There have been several legit sightings of the two in recent weeks behaving affectionately. For now then, all is good between them. G is expected at TIFF for Thanks For Sharing. This is making me anxious. I've always wanted to love her from afar. Everyone always says that G is one of the most gracious celebrities on the circuit. That doesn't correspond with my GOOP worldview. What if she's so nice it ruins everything?