Looking lovely at the Babel premiere in NYC last night with Helena Chistensen. Though Brad was obviously not in attendance, interesting she chose to make it out for this one, given that she tends to avoid the Hollywood social scene these days unless she"s being paid for it. Interesting also her recent travel schedule - the children are with her, the husband remains hidden and naturally, people are starting to talk. December will mark their 3rd wedding anniversary and since there has been little insight if any into their relationship, the rumours swirl often unsubstantiated. Two schools of thought, for what it"s worth, on the one hand I"ve heard that like any *artist*, Chris can be quite temperamental and ironically, between the two of them, SHE is the one less dramatic. Then there are those who say that his battles with the pappies are for her benefit only, that he is graciously contrite when she"s not around, almost embarassed to be making such a production of not being seen together. Like I said before - rumourmongering in the absence of anything truly titillating though all are in agreement that a possibility of a split is nonexistent. For now. See also a new photo of the adorable Apple, not seen in a while, hair just as blonde, getting longer, the cutest, cutest thing - only the child of Gwyneth could match pink and orange, non? Source