It’s cute asphyxiation. You won’t be able to breathe from the cuteness.

H7 went to Disneyland with her family yesterday. Check her out on the merry-go-round with dad and her big brother Brooklyn who, obviously, only went on to accompany her, because what 14 year old wants to ride on the merry-go-round. This is adorable too. I have a nephew around the same age as Brooklyn. And his baby sister is 4 years younger. We took them to Playland last year and put them on the bungee jump together. She was terrified. But she did it. And when they came off, he gave her a proud pat on the head when he thought we weren’t looking and I almost died from love.

At one point, as you can see, H7 seems to reach out with one hand – at her mother? I’m assuming she’s reaching for her mother. Posh has always been said to be a very involved parent. And fun. Like she always talks about how her boys kick soccer balls at her head. For us though, the Posh we get is the hip cocker on the carpet. The rare glimpse of that side of her is her daughter’s eager hand, matched by the affection in her eyes as she sees the most important person in her life.