Golden Globes TV Nominations 2017

Duana Posted by Duana at December 12, 2016 21:01:35 December 12, 2016 21:01:35

Awww HFPA, you’re so cute! You are adorable, because the way you nominate shows sometimes intersects with the best things on TV, but…you know, not all the time.

For example, Game Of Thrones, representing once again in Best Dramatic Series, and…that’s it? OK, there’s also a nomination for Lena Headey, who did a lot of being brave while her jaw was clenched, but…you know, it’s okay to say the show didn’t have its best year, or that at a certain point, you’re giving the nomination just for CGI battles…

In fact, I can’t figure out if your wacky nomination strategy is brilliant or bananas. True, I’ve often gnashed my teeth when one show is nominated in category after category, especially if they’re going to sweep. But how is it that you can nominate Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys both, but not The Americans, when it’s a two-handed show?

Then again, how can I be mad at Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Veep’s umpteenth nominations, when the show really is still good – it’s not like we’re talking about Two and A Half Men – and you’ve also been wise enough to nominate Issa Rae in the same category…and Gina Rodriguez and Rachel Bloom don’t cancel each other out, even though they’re both in CW Wacky comedies? HFPA, are you…super astute, somehow? Or just where comedy/musicals are concerned? Because the men’s nominations are equally interesting – Anthony Anderson and Donald Glover and Gael Garcia Bernal, again, and Jeffrey Tambor (each of whom have shows in the running for best Musical or Comedy) and Nick Nolte for Graves (huh?). It’s the least predictable that category has been in years. I’m all for it.

Maybe it’s on the dramas that you guys surprise me with your…steadfast fan-ness.
Because Stranger Things was a phenomenon, but you guys…you guys. Winona Ryder? Then again, who am I to say that the footage of her on a red carpet for the first time in a long time won’t make it all worth it? I assume that too is the logic behind the nomination for Caitriona Balfe, because seriously who is watching Outlander at all? (I know, I know, people are. But not that many, and we all know this). And um…you will not find a bigger SJP fan than me. She is so lovely and unafraid to be unlikeable on TV – but I’m not quite sure Divorce is the same thing as the Renaissance of Carrie Bradshaw just yet.

I buy the nominations for Claire Foy and John Lithgow. I buy every single nomination for The People vs. OJ Simpson, and I hope it sweeps. I am behind on The Night Manager but I believe everything I’m told about how good it is, and similarly, while Westworld isn’t totally my favourite, I was compelled by every Evan Rachel Wood scene I saw. I’m into it.

But sometimes it just seems like you guys just want fun people at your parties. Like, This Is Us for best series? Guys? I watch it every week, but…guys? You’re acting like all the serious business people at Randall’s work who freak out every time they see “The Manny” appear…which brings us to the fact that Sterling K. Brown is the best performer on that show. I know, I know, you don’t want to nominate him twice, and I love that he got the nod for The People vs. OJ Simpson, but…you guys? Relatedly, Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz in the same category are therefore splitting their own votes, making it a Thandie Newton vs. Lena Headey competition, but still—it’s not boring. 

So much is right! Black-ish is consistently funny. The People vs. OJ Simpson was riveting. Riley Keogh! Kerry Washington! Even John Travolta! And so much is bananas. Where’s the love you used to have for Taraji P. Henson? For The Affair? You guys love a demure-but-strong ingénue, how did Kylie Bunbury not make the list here?

I love you, Golden Globe TV noms, I really do. You spin me right round, and I cannot be mad at this maelstrom of mishmash nominees. Now if we could talk about the host…

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